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  •  What are cloud solutions and what's their use?

    Cloud-based solutions deliver a range of benefits for businesses and end-users. They include additional capacity, functionality, scalability, along with lower maintenance and cost of in-house staff or computer infrastructure.    Read More 

  •  Why to chose VPS Hosting Server in India

    If you're resident in India or perhaps in diaspora, VPS hosting servers in India has come to be a force to reckon with worldwide. And it should be the type of VPS hosting you should consider when choosing one for your expanding business. But why should you choose a VPS hosting server in India in the first place?    Read More 

  •  Comparison of USA, India & UK Datacenters

    With every waking day, there's an ever rise in data and information that is available to us. These data need to be put in a place where they can be easily accessible. With the explosion of the internet, an ever-growing need for storing data has been on the increase. From businesses to brands, to individuals, the data from these aggregates can be rightly stored on what is known as servers.   Read More 

  •  Important benefits that your kid can get through extracurricular activities in school

    Extracurricular activities, it actually has been argued, are unimportant in school life. Encouraging kids to participate within activities which are outside of the classroom, on the other hand, fosters their social as well as intellectual development. As a result, many top international schools now place a greater emphasis on extracurricular activities.   Read More 

  •  Linux Open Servers Do More Than Cost Saving

    Linux has been a popular contender for operating system software against giants like Windows and Mac. Many users will conform to the enterprise backed software for the ease of establishment but advocates of open source softwares have made some strong points and not all of them revolve around the cost saving factor.   Read More