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SSD GPU Server with Nvidea Card

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    Datacenter - USA
  • VMLG101
  • Intel Xeon X3440
  • CPU Quad-Core
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Storage 1080 GB SSD
  • Nvidia GeForce GT710
  • GPU RAM 1 GB
  • 120 Mbit/s port
  • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
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Get Hooked In With GPU Servers Hosting that Gives You Maximum Performance

Contrary to what you might have heard out there, the GPU server is more than just for gaming and graphics. That's why organizations, research centers, leading universities, developers, and businesses are turning their attention towards it.

You should too!

If you're looking for a server that enables high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning, with almost unlimited configuration possibilities, then the GPU Server Hosting services from VPSIndia.CO.IN is your best bet.

Nothing else...

But why should you consider investing in a GPU Server, especially on one that comes from VPSIndia.CO.IN? Here's why GPU Server hosting from VPSIndia.CO.IN is a smart move.

Data Analysis

If your firm, or organization is richly involved in the analytical processes of data, then GPU server hosting from VPSIndia.CO.IN should be your priority.

Compared to CPUs, a GPU server can process accurate floating-point arithmetic and complex mathematical and scientific programming.

GPU cores are such that they can process and analyze large data simultaneously with insane speed. The processing speed of the GPU server would give your firm a face-lift.

3D Processing

Are you involved in GPU technologies? The GPU server is capable of rendering GPU technology to the point of outperforming CPUs in the same task. It's also perfect for 2D and 3D calculations while rendering 3D as well. GPU servers are adaptive, making it a choice many brands are going for. You can choose to start with us today!.

Power Efficiency

GPU servers are eco-friendly, and can be servers that help organizations looking at eco-friendliness as part of their energy goal. GPU servers make use of less energy in performing the same task as CPUs. This makes it cost-effective, in terms of power demand. And ultimately a safer option for the environment.

GPU Offloading

If you make use of CPUs, GPU servers can act as an offload, by helping to handle the intensive task the CPU has to do that could bog down the whole system. The GPU server would help take this load that would ensure the consistent performance of your system.

Video Encoding & Streaming

If your organization is involved in streaming live videos or convert them into new formats, a GPU server from VPSIndia.CO.IN can handle the workload. Converting or handling videos can be quite a workload on your system. GPUs can help lighten this workload and ensure an accelerating output.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

If your business is involved in processes that require Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning, then the GPU server should be what you go for. We at Ankit's Solutions recommend that you do not have AI training without a GPU server. It could be difficult to look for patterns and gain inference at meaningful speed without a GPU server at hand.

There are so many reasons why getting a GPU server is worth the money. VPSIndia.CO.IN is here to give you the best in terms of hosting for a GPU server. Get started with us TODAY!


If you're still wondering why GPU servers are worth your money, it's probably because you haven't known about the industry trend around it. For one thing, GPU servers are becoming mainstream computing and data storage tools. We at VPSIndia.CO.IN are aware of this, and that's why our hosting plans are something you can work with.

To make it interesting, software packages are supporting GPU acceleration. They go as far as working with your GPU to offload work to all parts of the server. Imagine the parallel computing benefits you get from GPUs when you decide to get a hosting plan from us.

There's a limitless option and opportunities for you when you get a GPU-power hosting solution from VPSIndia.CO.IN. Just think about what you could achieve when thousands of cores are munching and computing data at incredible speeds!

There's no limit to what you could do with a GPU server hosting services from VPSIndia.CO.IN. Get yours from us TODAY!

VPSIndia.CO.IN GPU Server

VPSIndia.CO.IN do it big when it comes to GPU servers. Our certified and IT experts would help you to custom configure your GPU to your specification. We put into consideration what you want to achieve concerning scalability, lifecycle management, application performance goals, etc. We would then assemble what you need, and ship your GPU to you.

We also help you when it comes to maintenance. We give you an enhanced service plan with a warranty, and you can trust us to give you expert support from our dedicated technicians around. We also know that you would want to talk to us about your concerns about GPU servers. Our customer support is always at hand to respond to your inquiries.

Why Choose a GPU Server From VPSINDIA.CO.IN

From what you've seen so far, it's clear that GPU servers can change how you analyze data, process data, do research, and do a host of things on a large scale. Here's also why you should pitch your tent to us.

Industry Latest Servers

Our servers are made of the latest technology in hosting services. Worry no more to be left behind in terms of technology to keep up with trends. VPSIndia.CO.IN is a step ahead.

Money-Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves on the efficiency of the services we render. That's why we can confidently tell you that you would get value for what you pay for. Brands and individuals have pitched our tent with us over the years. And we will continue to live to their expectations.

Positive Reviews

Customers have been speaking good about us. This has made us step up the quality services we deliver to remain in the hearts of these people. They give us a reason to do more with cloud-based solutions.

We are waiting for you to take a step with us TODAY!